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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Has The Blogosphere Shutdown For Christmas - Use PR To Wake It Up!

Has the blogsphere really closed from Christmas?

If you go to blog sites you'll see bloggers not adding posts like they usually do - I'm a good example here!

Now the interesting thing about this is that it just shows what I've been saying about PR.

Papers still need to have news and articles in them when they're sold.

So PR is more likely to be taken up - provided it's not self-serving rubbish - during this period.

Obviously any big news story, like last years Tsunami, blows any PR away.

But barring a big story your chance of getting some column inches, or maybe a mention is improved.

But you don't want to write press releases on Christmas day do you?

The answer is:

  1. get someone else to do it
  2. prepare some before the great day ( but do it soon!)
  3. Don't issue any PR (hint: not the right answer)

And whatever you do get something out there that's reasonable ... and interesting and who knows you may just get in the paper.

To Glyn who emailed me ... what I'm saying even counts for your sort of highly competent company. I know you work with a lot of the blue chips but believe me get some press and you get the kudos, the companies you're in think they're lucky to have you, your staff think you're hot and you may even get good people clamoring to work for you.

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