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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Is Vidvertising The Next Wave In Marketing On the Internet?

Video Advertising or Vidvertising as I like to call it has been bubbling under for a while.

I suspect we're going to find more and more sites beginning to provide vidvertising for people who hit their sites.

You're probably aware of a number of marketeers who use streaming video on their site to emphasis their point and to make them seem friendly/wacky/guru-like or whatever.

One that immediately springs to mind is Glenn Dietzel who's main web site is Awaken The Author Within. Glenn has been using video for quite a while now as do several other marketing people.

I suspect that those using lots of audio on their web sites, for testimonials and spoken copy, such as Alex Mandossian will switch to vidvertising in due course.

Think about it...

We're all clamouring for more broadband.

I even met a friend last night who last year said that he didn't need broadband. He's now got it!

The broadband providers are switching us from 512Mb to 1Gb to 2Gb as almost entry level. Providers can now do 8Gb at amazingly cheap prices. Bulldog in the UK costs £9.75 per month for 8Gb.

So we're going to easily be able to watch vidvertising and the advertisers get their audience back that they lost from TV.

But they're getting it better now. Because their audience will be split between millions of web sites. Those web sites can be grouped as niches. That's means the advertiser doesn't need to advertise to the billions of people in the world.

Unless they're big brands like Coke, Pepsi, British Airways, Ford and others.

They can target the people they want to reach very, very finely. At last they'll be able to check whether their advertising is paying for itself.

It also means that as we browse web sites we should only see advertising that interests us.

This brave New World is not going to happen tomorrow. It'll happen gradually to begin with because we need to work out the following;

  • How will web owners get paid for displaying vidverts?
  • As people go to the site will the vidverts display immediately or do they need to click a button?
  • Does nichetargetingg really work for vidverts?
  • How will the vidverts be served? Through centralised servers, by the web site or by each ISP?
  • How will vidvert success be measured?
  • The optimum length of the vidvert - given the gnat's attention span we all have on the internet.

Once we're happy that this type of advertising works big bucks are going to flow into web sites.

And into blogs. Blogs already carry adverts. The mainstream ones people can rely on will also start showing vidverts. Blog traffic is likely to increase as a blog is almost always aimed at a niche. Company blog sites will carry their own vidverts and allow potential customers to comment before their release.

Hold on...

Can't Flash do all this? And look what happened to that. People actively avoid Flash sites. Let that be a warning to us. We still want content, we'll still want easy access. The agencies need to discover a method to advertise to their niches without causing extreme frustration for their prospects and customers.

Good luck to them.

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