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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How Do You Know When Your Web Site Is Finished?

A web site is Never finished because change affects us all the time. Changes definitely affect your web site content. Think about Internet Marketing itself as an example. Some of the aspects that have changed over time include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • pop-ups
  • pop-unders
  • free ezines
  • forums
  • free ebooks
  • free software
  • free emailed courses
  • free web site courses
  • affiliate web site copies
  • ebooks with Resale Rights
  • doorway pages
  • reciprocal links
  • link farms
  • affiliate marketing
  • email marketing
  • article marketing
  • blogging
  • multiple sites
  • niche sites
  • audio podding
  • RSS
  • video email
  • good old fashioned great content
  • sales pages
  • shopping cart systems
  • auction sites
  • portal sites
  • eBay
  • shopping assistants
  • page navigation
  • CSS

So, as you can see if we kept a web site in its original state it would get more and more old fashioned. Until eventually people stopped even going onto the pages.

One great marketing tip: Don't put up a page like this one: Ultimate Tips Web Page.

Check it out. There is no content, whatsoever.

And yet I know the person who runs it has posted quite a few times to one of the marketing forums that abound on the Internet.

Why shouldn't you put up a page like this? Or maybe a holding page? Or a "this page under construction" page?

Because it puts people off ever visiting again. The Internet promises content. If you don't deliver some reasonable content, not just a promise of content tomorrow, some day, or never, people will not return.

Out of curiousity I checked how many occurrences of "under construction pages" there are on Google. You can find "This page under construction" has 93,700 hits and there are 32,300 further hits for "This site is under construction".

They key question is "How many of these actually get completed?"

As we saw at the start the reality is that a good web site is never finished. Content is changed, deleted and added all the time. So saying pages or sites are under construction is irrelevant. If they have nothing on those pages they shouldn't even be on your site.

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