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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blogs can offer a big advantage to brands - if they're honest

Blogs can offer a big advantage to brands reckons Matthew Yeomans writing in the New Media Age magazine.

As Matthew says blogging in 2005 was basically conducted by geeks - ok yes I hold my hands up I enjoy high-tech stuff too. Although to be fair I would say blogging is not that desperately high-tech.

And now witness the change in companies attitudes.

Matthew notes “Coca-Cola, Starwood Hotels, Honda, Nokia, Benetton, Ducati, Guinness and HSBC have all caught blogging fever.”

As I’ve been saying all along these blogs are there as a marketing tool to build rapport and a relationship with your clients and prospects.

And as I’vè said before they can be a double-edged sword.

Look at motorbike Ducati whose CEO Federico Minoli is blogging. Already he’s being asked about new models. What if he answers off the top of his head and upsets months of careful marketing planning?

The point Matthew makes it that blogs appeal because they seem “real”. What’s more bloggers seem able to see straight through fictional blogs. In much the same way I suspect that they do if someone generates a creative and made-up testimonial.

Putting up a company blog is not for you if you like living in an ivory tower. Because you’d better believe you’re going to get feedback.

In my opinion feedback is manna from heaven. Obviously you weight it and cross-check to make sure your competitors aren’t feeding you a line.

Then once you’re happy it’s real feedback use it to improve your offering, create a new one or maybe withdraw a product from market.

So as always don’t rely on just blogging for marketing - it’s only one tool. And remember it’s a very powerful one - for the good of your company or to bring it down.

You decide.

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