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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do Your Brochures Get Explosive Profitable Sales, Or Just Nuke Them?

Do you check how well your
brochure is doing
as your salesperson?

If you don’t how do you know it’s worth the money you’re paying for it?

I’ve written an article titled “Is Your Brochure Killing Your Sales?” which explains what a brochure isn’t and how to make it pull better than you ever do now.

Pet Hate: Random Brochure
Marketing Tactic

One thing I particularly hate is when people go to trade shows, networking events and other business functions and leave brochures displayed on every table, or hand them out to everyone they meet regardless of whether they’re their target market.

The reason I dislike it so much is not that you’re simply throwing sales tools away, which you are and it’s costing you money. It’s that it stops you checking the brochure is making you money.

What do I mean?

I mean you need to record the money you’ve spent on brochures and check how much money you can attribute to your use of them.

If you’re not able to make more money than the brochure cost you you need to look seriously at why that is. It maybe you’re giving them to the wrong people. You may have the wrong offer. You could even by giving them at the wrong time.

Avoid These Brochure
Content Mistakes

Avoid the mistake of simply using a brochure as a list of the services or products you provide.

Everybody does that. Do you?

Neglect to refer to your Unique Selling Principle and you’re the same as everyone else in your industry and you will be bought on price, probably discounted at that.

Everybody does that. Do you?

Don’t say you’re Top Quality, or Fast Delivery or Cost Effective Solution.

Because, guess what?

Yes, everybody does that...

Make your brochure your salesperson in print. Make it work hard to convince people they must buy from you. Then give them the ways to do so in the brochure.

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Kamara said...

Hi again Jim, interesting material as usual. I'd like to know, where do I find the code to have people subscribe to receive my blog via email after each post?

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