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Monday, March 20, 2006

Do Your Ads Get More Profit Power?

“Ads that stay the same pull the same profits!”

You need to continually change an element of your ads to test whether it improves its profit power.

The original ad becomes the control and is used to compare the profit power of any revisions you make when creating a new ad.

Which Elements
Must You Test?

How about these:

  • Headlines
  • Offers
  • Guarantees
  • Ad size
  • Ad placement
  • With graphic/without graphic
  • Order form
  • First sentence
  • Call to action

Test Each Important Element
One At A Time

Change one element at a time. Check the revised ad against the original (your control) to see whether your profit power has improved.

Then once you find a changed advert that gets more profit than your original it becomes the control. And the testing cycle resumes with the better pulling ad now used as the control.

Obviously if you only intend advertising a few times that’s more difficult. So pay more attention to creating a great ad as quickly as possible by “borrowing” from the advertising greats.

All marketeers have a “swipe” file that they use for inspiration. The swipe file is a folder with real ads in. Mine has ads that caught my eye, direct mail I liked and long running advertisements.

When you create ads it’s important that you’re not swayed to change content by people who don’t understand how well tested for profit power so much direct response advertising is.

A great article by Roy H Williams (The Wizard of Ads) titled Stronger Ads = More Complaints shows what happens when other people change an ad to make it less offensive, to read better or to look more professional.

The bottom line is that you can achieve all the changes people ask and get an advert like everyone else.

How does that make you stand out from the herd? Because you don’t do you?

Why would people do business with you at the price you ask when they can start a price negotiation with you against one of your competitors.

So swim against the competition.

Employ a good copywriter. Listen to what they say and how they write, it might just make you more profit power.

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