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Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's Important For Getting Sales on Your Web Site?

Search engine optimisation...

Commonly know as SEO, it’s a hot buzz word isn't it?

Yet the two most important things to do on a web site are:

  • Get an initial sale with subsequent further sales
  • Get contact details so you can follow-up to get the inital sale

That's it isn't it? Pure and simple.

Search engine optimisation is important to get people to visit your site. But if they don't find anything they want on it they'll leave quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof.

Good Keyword Content Is Crucial

I use a great keyword checking program (Good Keywords) when I’m writing copy.

I wrote the web copy for a client called The Ultimate Sauna Company I checked the keyword "infrared" for one of my clients and got the following searches per month on Overture UK:

    • infrared saunas 1269
    • far infrared saunas 142
    • far infrared therapy 51
    • far infrared treatment 48

If you look at Overture US you get:

    • infrared sauna 6689
    • infrared saunas 3685
    • far infrared sauna 1750
    • far infrared saunas 1202
    • infrared therapy 569

If you optimise for the word "infrared" you'll pick up thousands of people visiting to check out infrared saunas. Most of whom wont buy. Now if you look at Infrared therapy or Infrared treatment they've a much lower search count. But they're likely to be people who are looking into specifically whether infrared will help their health problem.

The result? You need to decide (by testing) whether the top word converts to the most sales or one of the lesser keywords does.

A word of warning thought. Content is just one aspect of search engine optimisation. So don't just rely on the keywords for your search engine optimisation strategy.

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