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Friday, March 03, 2006

Knock Em Dead When You Present The Powerful Way

Death By Powerpoint.

How often have we heard that muttered at seminars, workshops and during supplier presentations?

Why don’t people say exactly the same about overhead slides or flipcharts?

Because let’s face it a lot of companies do presentations in the worst possible way.

Am I qualified to know?

Well I’ve sat on both sides of the table. I’ve presented lectures, seminars, workshops and sales presentations.

And I’ve also been on the receiving end of exactly the same from others.

Often people fill their presentations with ‘Me’ messages. They talk about “how their company is number 1”, or how “they’vè increased profits year on year”, or that “the MD was a well known Blue Chip company CEO”.

So what?

Then they go into their product, it’s features, how good it is and what it can be used for.

Again, so what?

They tell you the structure of their company, they give you company accounts, they tell you about great projects they’ve known and loved.


Who cares? Only the people with the egos in that company. The people who are getting it in the neck from the presenters couldn’t care less.

Instead, there is a better way to present:

  1. Tell a Story
  2. Use bullet points - don’t read from the slides
  3. Use “Grab Them By The Balls” headlines
  4. Tell them about historic data that relates to their industry and their company
Tune in to the radio station they’re all listening to ... WI2FM (What’s In It For Me).

Present to that audience and then it doesn’t matter what you’re using to present your message gets heard. And acted on.

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