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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Top 7 Secrets For Making A Mailing More Successful

Businesses that rely on direct mail will be kicking themselves if they've sent letters to Turkey or Brazil and West Africa timed to arrive on the 29th March 2006.

I'd like to think that it's unlikely, but ...

Because the chances are that people are going to discuss the eclipse and direct mail is going to come a poor second.

So chances of a profitable response to that mailing is very poor.

We're not fortune tellers so we can't expect to predict everything that affects a mailing. Things like Hurricane Katrina or other natural disasters or wars.

But lets face it we've known about this eclipse for months.

Just remember the next eclipse is in 2008.

We're also pretty good at remebering our own country's public holidays and national events. So we should plan our mailing round those dates.

Unless you mail overseas and then you need to take note of both your own national holidays and events and the target country's too.

Remember that events outside your target market can also affect response.

How many people are talking about the eclipse in London or Manchester? Even though we're apparently unaffected by it.

You need to remember that more mundane reasons can also affect or restrict your response. With that in mind I've compiled the Top 7 Secrets For Making A Mailing More Successful:

  1. Natural disasters that are forecast to hit the area you're mailing, a few days delay will ensure it's not ignored
  2. National events, such as total eclipses! The Olympics. State visits.
  3. National holidays, don't assume that everyone across the world has the same national holidays you do
  4. Test the best days of the week to see which ones you get the best response in
  5. Find out which days of the week are the weekend in the country you're sending mail to, and no its not always Saturday and Sunday
  6. Keep an eye on the media for strikes in your target market - this can be a double-edged sword
  7. Local events that disrupt normal business in your target, such as conventions or other events

This list marks the start of what times/dates to avoid. As always your business may well be different and have other dates that are important.

On the flipside your particular mailing may benefit from one of these dates. So as always be aware of what's going on around you.

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