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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm So Annoyed I could Spit!

I am so annoyed!

And for 2 reasons...

Feedblitz Form Failure

Now this first reason probably isn't Feedblitz's fault.

I was giving you the opportunity to sign up for fresh updates as my reviews for Blogging to the Bank and its bonuses are posted when I discovered that the form to sign up wasn't working.


How long had it been stopped?

Oh the agony. Readers, maybe even you, turned away at the subscriber door. And for who knows how long?

I suspect it all went belly up when I converted the blog to the new Blogger blog.

In the end I logged back into Feedblitz and discovered they now had an email sign-up widget that integrated directly with Blogger!

So yet another widget got loaded into the bloated form of my blog.

Ah well, it's sorted now so you can sign up for updates over on the top right column. Try subscribing, it's fun to get post details by email rather than having to visit the site.

Heck I even signed up myself so I can attest to its reliability and it's a spam-free service too thank goodness!

"Blogging To The
Bank Review

The second reason was I had several unplanned events that prevented me from sucking the content out of Blogging to the Bank this morning as I'd planned to do the review.

A second Arghh!

So now it's radio silence while I continue reading "Blogging to the Bank" and trying out what Rob Benwell suggests.

Review coming soon....

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