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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tycoon: No Shock Winner

Tycoon's Eaten By A Dragon!

You may remember from last time that Peter Jones had selected all 4 of the remaining businesses to go forward to the grand finale.

The grand finale looked extremely impressive and again the introductory credits were very like "The Apprentice" in appearance.

And yet...

Tycoon completely failed to impress. Kate Thornton was the compere for the night and did a reasonable job.  Almost all the finalists were dressed in their finery.

The finale set looked nice and big and glittery. Up for the prize was the over £200,000 of profits made by all the companies since Tycoon started.

Then we were treated to half an hour of clips we'd already seen and mini interviews with the people involved, including Peter Jones with amazing stripped socks.

I'd advised closing Justin and Lauren down last week and I had a question over whether Iain's Helicopter business was sustainable.

The Tycoon Winner

In the end Iain won. Which seemed only fair as he'd made over half of the £200,000 profits available as the prize.

Was The Finale Worth Watching?

I can now give a big unequivocal no!

It was like watching paint dry. Who wanted to hear more of what we'd already heard?

There was no drama. There was no reason that the watching public (if any watched) should change their minds about one person or another.

I've never sat through such an insipid production before.

Peter Jones needs to get his production company to come up with a much better format than this.

It was almost as if a group of mates had gone out to the pub after watching The Apprentice and said how great Dragon's Den was too. Then said, "wait a minute, think how amazing it would be if we combined the two!"

As you know I love business programmes. And my reasons for watching, which may be different to others are as follows:

  • To learn about someone else's business
  • To learn how other people approach business problems
  • To learn what not to do
  • To see how other people think in business
  • Combined with a narrative thread that links the programme and the people together

So for me Tycoon failed to deliver any of my reasons for watching

As I've said before if Tycoon ever comes back I need to be convinced it's much, much better than this before I watch another second.

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