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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tycoon: Were You On The Edge Of Your Seat?

Tycoon's Eaten By A Dragon!

You may remember in the first episode of Tycoon I suggested Tom and Elizabeth should both go.

...and they have.

I have very mixed feelings about this Tycoon series.

On the one hand it should be interesting to see apprentice entrepreneurs (appreneurs) work in their new businesses and start to make money on the other hand at times you're not sure what on earth they're competing for.

Take yesterday night's episode where Peter was going to decide who should go into the final.

Which out of the 4 remaining businesses would get canned?

If you haven't seen the episode yet, I'll reveal the answer at the end with the title "So Who Went Through To The Tycoon Finale?" 

Suffice to say I was baffled by the criteria that Peter was using to establish exactly which business should go through into the finale.

Can Justin Chieffo Win With A Bag For Life?

Justin almost got an order from Sainsbury's for 60,00 bags for life and he also managed to find a much cheaper supplier of the bags.

I'm sorry almost an order is no order.

And 60,000 compared to Tesco's 250,000? Didn't Justin point out the size of Tesco's order?

And are Sainsbury's really the only other supermarket to express an interest in bags for life.

The most strategic and vitally important supermarket of them all was completely ignored - ASDA. After all they're owned by WALMART - the biggest supermarket in the USA and chain you'd want to get into to sell such a bag!

Justin seemed to be sitting back on his laurels. As an entrepreneur he needs to continually thinking of new ways to get his bags into shops. Plus what about putting ads on the bags?

My Advice: Close Justin down.

Can Iain Morgan Rise Above With His Helicopters?

Iain Morgan became a selling whirlwind and sold an incredible amount of helicopters.

Unfortunately, a good salesman does not mean he's a good businessman.

That said he had made the most money this week and it was around half the total that everyone else combined made.

My Advice: I'm undecided on Iain because you can see his business will saturate the UK market for toy executive helicopters. What does he do then?

Will Lauren Pope's Hair Extensions Win The Day?

Lauren continued to sell her hair extensions, despite her extension suppliers labeling the extensions Goosip instead of Gossip!

My Advice: Close Lauren down. I know extensions are currently fashionable my only concern is that a number of celebs appear to have stopped wearing them now. So it may be a declining market.

Helen James and Cathy Caudwell-Todd

Helen and Cathy only made a small amount of money compared to everyone else but have won deals to get into large garden centres with their clothes ranges.

I think the connection with Dragon's Den will help them too.

My Advice: These two are the ones I would vote for to win. I think that once their excessive prices had been pared down a bit for garden centres they've every chance of selling lots of gardening clothes.

Is The Finale Worth Watching?

I really don't know.

If Helen and Cathy can show large orders, or even sales from the garden centres I think they've got it sewn up for the few viewers who've stuck with Tycoon.

The criteria Peter appears to be choosing the finalists are unclear. And I suspect the same will be true in the final.

My previous Tycoon posting reveals my thoughts on whether I'd watch another series of Tycoon. Suffice to say that at the moment I'm terribly underwhelmed.

"So Who Went Through To The Tycoon Finale?" 

After watching Peter invite Justin and Iain through because of their high sales figures and Lauren for her reasonable one it all looked curtains for Helen and Cathy.

Then Peter decided to let them all through.

So much for being on the edge of my seat with high drama!

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