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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travel Counsellor

I've just had an illuminating interview with David Speakman of Travel Counsellors.  David originally set-up Travel Counsellors to do the administration for agents and allow the agents to do what they do best: organise holidays.

The company is now a multi-million pound one that's based in Bolton in the Northwest. David has handed over the UK operation to a management team and runs the Spanish operation in Spain.

I'm putting the full interview into the launch issue of Good Company but one nugget that really hit me and which I'd like to share with you is this:One of the doormen at David restaurants remarked,

"If You Don’t Let Them In You Don’t Have To Throw Them Out"

Obviously referring to the incoming customers. David took this comment to heart and realised that the same was true of taking on staff members. Why take on staff just because you have a vacancy?  Instead it's better to have the management problem of too few staff compared to the management problem of how to get rid of a member of staff.

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