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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Move From Blogger To Wordpress

Jim Symcox, relaxed and ready to work!I've really enjoyed blogging with Blogger. But now I've hit a number of its limitations. One major one is a lack of good plugins to enhance the user experience.

Similarly I've decided not to transfer all my posts to my blog because of the limitations there.

So I've decided to enhance the blog for us both and the blog is moving to my own domain: where my current web site is and will be powered by Wordpress blog software.

If you've any Wordpress templates you think that would particularly suit my blog style let me know. At the moment I'm thinking of going with the rather nice theme we're using for The Manchester Blog.

Anyway, I've been promising myself that I'll freshen my web site so I will see whether it's feasible to roll the blog transfer and freshen up into one project.

My only concern is that I don't lose YOU my dedicated reader in all this as the URL will be different and as I'm unlikely to post much for the next few days.

So to make sure you can still read these posts please subscribe by email at the top of this blog and you'll get the posts by email until you unsubscribe.

Or if you simply want me to let you know when the blog has been transferred send an email to me at transfer(AT) acornservice.(X) and replace (AT) with @ and (X) with com.

Then I'll email you twice (on 2 different days) to let you know the blog has been recreated. Then I'll delete your email from my system.

Either way spammers are unwelcome and your email addresses remain safe with me!

So sign up or send me an email and I'll see you on the other side on a refreshed Power Packed Business Growth Blog.

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