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Friday, July 13, 2007

Tycoon: Tom Gone, Elizabeth Next!

Tycoon's Eaten By A Dragon!

After the first episode of Tycoon I pointed out that Tom should be sacked and Elizabeth given enough rope to hang herself.

Although I started watching the second episode I lost the will to live part way through and didn't watch the rest where Tom got his just desserts.

ITV management pulled the show from its prime time slot and shoehorned a shorter version into a later slot.

Thank goodness. 

The editing has got much tighter and it looks as though they've inserted a few new clips of Peter's assessment of what's happening.

In this episode Justin Chieffo  is appointed by Peter to look after his fellow entrepreneurs as Peter has to go away for a few days.

Elizabeth Gets Hacked

I think it's important that anyone on these reality shows needs to remember is that "they return to the real world after the show is finished." Elizabeth wearing a sticky label on her forehead with the word 'FRAGILE' on is not going to endear her to future customers or employers.

So what happened to Elizabeth Hackford?

  • 4,000 bottle wrappers were the wrong colour
  • She was advised by the Portland Group not to use the name Vtox because it was too much like Detox  
  • She didn't appear to like Justin "managing" her

Peter finally gave her the elbow.

And can someone please tell me why on earth they're talking to the doomed candidate on the end of the pier? What is the point?

OK, they're trying to get away from the boardroom firing scene as shown on The Apprentice. But a pier? Why couldn't they fire someone from Peter's Bentley? Or maybe in Peter's office?

And guess what? Lauren said that it was expected by the others.

 Yes she should never have been in the contest!

Has Justin Chieffo Got Management Ability?

Like I said before my wife still believes his carrier bag dispenser is a good idea. So when Tesco ordered 250,000 she looked at me in triumph!

I'm still not persuaded. As I said last time you can use a carrier bag to carry spare carrier bags around in.

Anyway, you can't argue with an order. It could be Tesco wants to test it out.

Anyway, back to Justin's management ability...

It was tested to the limit in his dealings with Elizabeth Hackford.

He didn't help his case by telling her he had to have a meeting with her while she was already having a meeting with Grace, the ex-Big Brother contestant she wanted to use to endorse the drink.

Then he used the weak threat that he would tell Peter about her...

We also saw Justin with his feet up.

When Elizabeth told him he'd embarrassed her and flounced off Justin mimicked her holding a handbag and even said the word "handbags" - not very good for team building with the rest of the troops.

What impressed me most about Justin was that he still had £8,000 of the original £10,000 provided by Peter. Well done!

My Advice: You need people who can run a business. Someone who doesn't understand when to make a stand or not with an employee just can't at the moment.

If Justin doesn't get any further sales close him down next. 

Iain Morgan

Iain Morgan is now demonstrating and selling his executive helicopter. It looks like fun but I wonder exactly how many he can sell.

Apparently he's going to try and get a large order from Argos next time.

My Advice: Iain still seems to know what he's doing from the ordering point of view. My only thought is the quality of the helicopter.

He does need to start selling volumes of the helicopters. A 20 helicopter order requires the same selling time as 2,000. So he would be better off with Argos or an upmarket executive gifts catalogue. 

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope met up with Philip Green at Top Shop. Of course Philip was involved in a meeting that would normally be beneath his notice.

Philip wanted Lauren to sell from his shop without him investing in anything. That would have meant a lot of work for Lauren and she was right to turn it down.

She did well to get an order for £47,000 from an online company in Leicestershire.

My Advice: Keep up the good work! And also do some promotions too.

Helen James and Cathy Caudwell-Todd

Helen and Cathy met up with Harrods Owner Al-Fayed and pitched to have their range sold in Harrods and to have their launch there too.

They successfully persuaded him and Peter Jones was ecstatic when they told him.

My Advice:  I think these two could do well still getting their product into Harrods needs to be done as soon as possible to get the maximum exposure whilst Tycoon is still running. 

Is It Worth Watching Now?

I am watching again but...

  • there needs to be more footage of the appreneurs (apprentice entrepreneurs) working with their suppliers and customers and not simply sitting down at their PCs - it's just boring otherwise
  • The Dragon's Den type investment decision meeting needs to be scrapped completely and the figures assigned for further investment provided to each person
  • Peter is (presumably) trying to pass on the skills he learnt as he rose to the top. So we need to see more coaching rather than focusing on his investment
  • They need to fire early when it's obvious one of the candidates isn't going to make it
  • Hire a voice-over who sounds interesting and interested in what's happening

 As there's not much longer to go with this series I will continue to watch but I'd be wary about watching a second series, unless the suggestions I've made were implemented.

Otherwise I'd rather watch paint dry. Oh no, Big Brother's already done that one!

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