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Monday, July 02, 2007

7 Questions To Ask Before You Use Coaching

Koze SportscoachYou may not have heard of Dan Lok, although he's the self-proclaimed number 1 website conversion expert and has a lot of people who back up what he says.

I've been a subscriber to his email newsletter for a number of years because I like what he writes and of course I also like to keep tabs on what others in the copywriting, marketing and coaching areas are doing.

Dan offers 1 on 1 mentoring and claims that many gurus offer it and then palm it off onto a fulfillment house where the chances of talking to anyone with any knowledge of Internet business is slim.

So to help decide whether a mentor is the right one Dan suggests you ask yourself 7 questions before handing over great wedges of cash.

The 7 Questions

  1. Is it you who teaches me or somebody else?
  2. What is your response speed to emails and phone calls?
  3. What are the results you've achieved with other people?
  4. Do you currently DO marketing?
  5. Can my business partner or wife listen in with me for free?
  6. Do you work one on one?
  7. Is this the whole program or do you upsell to something else?

I'd also add 4 points to ponder before taking coaching:

The 4 Points To Ponder

  1. Why do you want coaching? Because without that understanding you wont know whether it helps you or not
  2. Are you willing to implement? Because without implementation you're throwing your money away
  3. Can you make fast decisions? Because a plan without a start date remains a pipe dream
  4. Can you afford it?  Paying money out that should be paying your mortgage does not lead to successful outcomes because of the added pressure you'll feel. So if you've no money forget it.

What About My Coaching?

Having given you those points I just know some wag will ask whether my money is where my mouth is!

So here are my answers to the 7 questions...

  1. Only I teach/mentor/coach the people I work with - this may change but only once I've trained people up to the point where they could answer the 7 questions the way I'm doing.
  2. I'm usually available for phone calls during the UK working day and I usually respond to voice mail messages the same day and the same for emails.
  3. Would a 50% profit growth or a  20% profit growth be useful? I have mentored companies that have done that.
  4. I currently DO marketing, I run a blog and attract coaching clients through a number of different routes
  5. Anyone in your business can take part in the coaching with you
  6. I do work one on one
  7. My mentoring is purely about delivering value through my personal coaching

If you can answer the 4 points to ponder then ring me on 0161 278 1919 to get started with your mentoring.

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