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Friday, June 29, 2007

Gordon Brown Gets A Sugar Rush!

Gord Help Us Now!As the Daily Telegraph reports newly crowned prime minister Gordon Brown has appointed Sir Alan Sugar to the new Business Council for Britain.

Yet another body that will meet and offer advice to the government that the government will simply ignore.

The council is tasked with advising Government the impact its policies have on the UK's competitiveness.

Don't you think that's rather strange when there are organisations that already fulfil that role. 

Hold on let me think, which ones are they...

How about the CBI? They never seem backward at coming forward to make the point that this government has slowly strangled almost every business, school, university and charity with bucket loads of red tape.

Then again what about Business Link, doesn't it feed back what it finds from the people who use it?

Oh, hold on don't we also have the myriad Chambers of Commerce around the country. Aren't they meant to reflect the voice of their members?

What about newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the rest of the media, including bloggers of course?! Surely they all comment on the impact government has on business too?

And then we have all the civil servants who deal with industry, commerce and anything to do with business. Are they all deaf? Or maybe Gordon Brown doesn't want to listen to civil servants.

Plus, how many business people already bend ministers and the prime ministers ear already? Are they going to be ignored too?

Finally, we're a democracy, so can't her Majesty's opposition provide feedback as to the impact the government has on us all.

Ok, rant over, normal service will now resume...




 CBI fulfils that role already. And in fact and with a slightly broader range of


Rob Artisan said...


A new version of Cool Britannia Blair style


Jim Symcox said...


Do you mean all spin and no substance?


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