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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Apprentice:"I Hate It With A Passion"

The Apprentice 

Yesterday I was talking with my brother Roddy about The Apprentice and he said that he "hated it with a passion." He believes it just doesn't reflect business.

As I said to him and others who commented in a similar vein, "it's entertainment, it's not business it's show business."

What I would also say is that Sir Alan makes it clear that "it's the job interview from hell." That's all it is, so it's rather like candidates going to an employer and taking tests to see whether they'll fit with the business.

So anyone who goes on this TV interview is effectively being interviewed by Sir Alan and a rather large number of other companies around the UK.

If you're good or even reasonable you become famous and as I said after the last series people like to work with famous people. It makes life slightly more interesting doesn't it?

Why else do you think Michelle Dewberry and The Badger were able to set up management consultancies and get work so easily? Why do you think Jo Cameron, the one we all thought was as mad as a box of frogs, could start up a HR consultancy and on and on...

 So if you'd like to open your horizons The Apprentice is the programme to go for. Apply now and let me know if you get accepted. I'll be rooting for you next year!


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