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Friday, June 01, 2007

Celebrations Are In Order Because

For the first time I've got over 600 hits in a day (676 if you want the figures).

To find that information out I use Statcounter - a fab piece of FREE software and to confirm Google Analytics.

Two years ago I would have been happy to get 600 hits in a month.

I was doing pretty well before. Thanks to you loyal reader!

The increase beyond the blogs previous best is down to the fact that Technorati discovered they weren't indexing my site. Now it's indexed, or at least they've noted the tags the traffic has got a lot better.

So that's the thing to watch out for when you're blogging - check you're indexed on Technorati!



Rob Artisan said...


well done you owe me a beer


Jim Symcox said...

So you're my reader!

At last I can put a name to an IP address.

And of course I'll buy you a beer - meet you in Second life, my avatar is called ...

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