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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Apprentice Who Didn't Make Good TV But Won!

Tim Campbell won the first series of Sir Alan Sugar's Apprentice. He wasn't the favourite to win because like Lohit he was "too nice". Well nice doesn't have to be boring does it?

I found this interesting video at a great short film site of him telling exactly how the Apprentice producers wanted him to act. He then also speaks about how he acted.

Put it this way - it's different to Katie Hopkins. Speaking of Katie... According to an article in last Sunday's News Of The World she thinks that the winner (ie her) of the Apprentice is not going to win it. Well the news is the winner is the person who Sir Alan hires. And Katie, here's some news for you - it ain't you. In the meantime check out Tim's video.

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Rob Artisan said...


I think the video says it all


Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

You're right. Although I'm sure none of us were under the illusion that the producers were trying to pour oil on troubled waters.


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