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Friday, June 01, 2007

Mary Queen Of Shops Reigns Supreme

Mary Queen of ScotsLast night with very little fanfare BBC2 introduced a new business mentor or guru onto the small screen. Mary Portas, retail shop reviver.

She has written for the Daily Telegraph for some time and this foray into the world of business makeover was fun and really helped the struggling fashion boutique (Ju-Ju's) she'd been brought in to turn around.

Ju-Ju's owners were obviously in a rut and had been hanging onto everything they'd ever bought - regardless of whether it would sell. The consequence was that the shop had a stuffed with clothes feel to it and the window shouted not fashion boutique but "don't come in."

By persuading the owners to buy some fashion designers gear Mary moved them back to being a designer shop where rather than pricing clothes at £20 a piece priced them to make a profit.

Soly was given a makeover too and her partner Tim created a mini mob to make a fuss on the Brighton sea front and then hand-out promotional flyers - great idea!

It worked and the made-over shop had a sudden influx of the "tribe" that Tim and Soly wanted.

Great television and with tips that any retailer could pick up and use. Well done BBC!



Katie said...

Check out her website - there is a bit of info about her, the TV show, her new book and there is a quiz to see what shopping 'tribe' you are (although it only has tribes for women).

Jim Symcox said...

Thanks Katie,

There's also a nice little interview with Mary here:

Maybe there's no tribe for men because we let other people choose what we wear!


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