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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Apprentice Final Countdown

The Apprentice

The BBC have really been out scouring their Apprentice archives to capitalise on this years Apprentice success.

Last Sunday, just before this season's final we had "The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them".

This was Sir Alan explaining his reasoning behind each firing. Some of which we'd already heard as voice overs when the candidates were fired.

That said it was intriguing and we got to hear his opinion on each candidate and what they should have been aiming for when they were running each task.

Interestingly enough whilst Sir Alan agreed that Katie wasn't very nice he also said that he didn't always employ nice people in his organisation.

Katie Comes Unstuck

I understand that Katie has been fired by the Met Office (why they need a global branding consultant baffled me anyway). Of course with Katie's exposure (as she planned) she can still go for her own global branding consultancy selling The Emperor's New Clothes or even back to the roots with a Management Consultancy to tell everyone else how to run their business.


Tre Fired At Last!

DigitalSpy has an interview  with Tre Azam and Lohit Kalburgi after they were fired.

Apparently Tre wanted to be fired because part way through the competition he realised that he didn't want to work for Sir Alan. Nice one Tre.

He also said that he did really like Simon but discovered he was two faced after watching week 11 and and that he was using hindsight to make himself look good. Which I think is actually a very astute comment.

I've already noted that Simon waffles in the boardroom until he can find some ammunition to throw at other people.

He also said that Simon had a photographic memory which should have helped him and his teams immensely.

Lohit's interview came across as being smug and boring.


Who Gets To Win The Apprentice?

We're left with Simon Ambrose and Kristina Grimes.

Their final task involves Sir Alan inviting previously fired candidates to work for one of them.

And remember some of the people who were fired needed some managing.

Having seen Simon as a project manager I don't believe he can bring his team together to win the day.

Also, previously Tre had supported, Simon but if Tre works for Simon I'd be surprised if Tre does very much to help someone he's called a "bit of a pr**k."

As Tre noted Simon is a "scatterbrain" and "logic and commonsense evade him a little bit."

Yes, I think we've seen that side of him.

Kristina is driven, she's no ties to hold her back and everyone says she's very loyal. Plus she's actually proven to be a reasonably competent project manager.

If it was me choosing I'd be tempted by Simon because he has potential that he's wasting. But then I'd wake up and realise that if he had potential why isn't he already using it?

And I'd hire Kristina.


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