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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Apprentice: Katie Suddenly Goes Media Savvy

The Apprentice

Check The Mirror for a story about how Katie has always wanted fame.

Certainly she appears to be keeping tight-lipped at the moment as the refused to do an interview with with another blog. One that ran interviews with all the other fired candidates.

Like I said, expect a new company announcement, a book serialisation of her time on the Apprentice and one on "How To Brand Globally."

I wonder how much Sir Alan's faith in human nature has been shaken?"

The final point the Mirror's Kate Jackson makes is:

Katie was yesterday unavailable for comment, with her representatives saying: "Katie is likely to sell her story to someone and hence won't be commenting."




Rob Artisan said...


Alan Sugar got burnt.

If he is clever he will call it a day as he is being used and the stars are the contestants not him.

Artisan Marketing Communications

Jim Symcox said...


"Burnt Sugar?" Nasty!

I do think this batch of candidates were trying to get known. The problem is that I think it backfires with the British public.


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