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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Week Another Personal Record!

Last Thursday I was so excited because just as I left for a networking meeting I noticed that my blog had attracted 998 hits. I knew with the USA just waking up I'd get a few more so after my previous record of over 600 earlier I'd now hit another milestone - 1,000 hits in a day!

When I woke up the next morning I checked the traffic stats and found that I'd actually had 1,670 hits. A new record for the blog.

So a big thanks to everyone reading this blog. I used to think that simply writing because I like writing was its own reward but I've discovered it is truly fab to get such a great amount of traffic.

In fact I was quite disappointed on Monday to "only" get 691 hits, just kidding!

And I'm really looking forward to The Apprentice finale, which as I explained previously is entertainment and not to be confused with real business.



John said...

Be fair there's some great business lessons in The Apprentice - just they're normally how NOT to do things.

Jim Symcox said...


Thanks for your comment.

And of course in reality you can draw business lessons from each task.

If you've been following my "The Apprentice" postings you'll have noticed exactly how much I harp on about sitting back for 5 minutes and thinking strategy!

There's a business lesson all by itself.


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