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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Richard Bandler, Peter Thomson, Steve McDermott and Me

Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP), Peter Thomson (owner of Achiever's Edge) and me (Power Packed Copywriting and Coaching) all have something in Listen Up


So what is it I hear you shout!

We're all on this blog in audio form.

Thanks to the existence of amazing technology I've put a BOXFILE in the sidebar of this blog that gives you a number of files that you can download, or just listen to online.

In no particular order they're 

  • Richard Bandler - talking about NLP and other good stuff
  • Steve McDermott - very funny presenter and won European speaker of the year award a few years ago
  • Peter Thomson - an example introduction from his Achiever's Edge monthly CD programme
  • Me - an introduction to me and this blog (hear what I sound like, am I sincere - you decide!)

So have a listen and feel free to leave a comment, which was the best audio, who was the best speaker, what nugget did you personally discover? 

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