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Friday, June 29, 2007

Why You Don't Make Money With Google Adsense

Do You Remember Your First Google Adsense?This is a review of a jolly useful little category on Garry Conn's blog on making money online. It's called Google Adsense Tips and is one of several categories related to making money.

As I read through the postings I noticed that Garry has removed a number of links as part of his overall blog concern about using nofollow for links.

Unfortunately that makes one or two of the postings unusable.

However, the rest of the postings, with their comments, more than make up for it.

Why Google Adsense Doesn't Make Money

Google Adsense is used to display short ads on blogs and web sites.  So much many of us know. Or maybe we don't?

Garry Conn reckons that if you've a blog about making money online - and let's face it almost everyone on the Internet hitting those sites knows lots about Adsense. And you're not going to make massive amounts of money from it.

As Garry also says there are a lot of blogs out there that would benefit from using Adwords that don't.

The real point that Garry makes is that us bloggers aren't going to make each other rich by clicking on Adsense Ads. Because we all know about the ads and pretty much ignore them.

No Adsense Ads - Does It Make Sense?

Garry has removed these ads from this site and uses them on his other blogs to target people who know pretty much nothing about the whys and wherefores of Internet Marketing and will click on the odd Ad and maybe even buy.

In fact to encourage us Garry even shows a couple of days Adsense earnings and each one is more than I've made in 3 months of restarting Google Adsense on my own blog.

Making Money With Google Adsense

The real value to Garry's posts is the sheer volume of interesting comments he gets. And the value increases because Garry discloses a lot of useful information about what he does to make money to cover the mortgage through Adsense.

The free consultancy that Garry gives out is great, on one post's comment ( and I'll let you find it within the Adsense category) he spells out step by step how to make money from a blog about gambling. And I don' think he gambles himself.

In summary a great category for a truly interesting blog. Check it out.

Oh, and before you go click my Google Ads!!

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