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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Apprentice What Katie Did Next

The Apprentice

After the interview round in week 11 Katie showed her true colours. She rabbited on about how she was going to move nearer to London. How her parents would probably fit in nicely by moving to be near to her and her sister to offer her support for her children. How she was committed... and on and on.

Then a few minutes later she realised that she'd just spouted a load of bullshit and didn't know whether her parents would move as she'd said. If they didn't she couldn't go anywhere for Sir Alan at the drop of a hat.

This really begs the question - why was she even in The Apprentice without resolving these issues first?

As she's told us she's the cleverest clogs in the whole wide world so yah boo sucks, she would have discussed the issuing of moving closer to London with her partner, her parents and any other of her "supporters."

So that means there are 2 possibilities:

  1. she just flies by the seat of her pants, bull shitting all the time and doesn't consider the consequences of what she does, and therefore would be completely unsuitable for running any part of Sir Alan's business anyway
  2. she planned it so that she would become famous to open her own business

Personally I think she wanted to become famous. Obviously that improves her brand image. I mean gosh she'll be able to start her own branding consultancy earning more than she could for Sir Alan.

What leads me to that thought?

For a clever person she's made some clearly outrageous statements that she must knew would be televised. She's become one of the best known of the candidates because of that, her back stabbing and flirting.

All I can say is watch out for an announcement around next week as The Apprentice concludes (to maximise publicity) as Katie tells the world she's formed her own global branding consultancy.



Rob Artisan said...


she might form her own branding consultancy but from the evidence she has not got a clue.

She is a politician and has little ability.

There might be someone who employs her because she is well-known.

If she cannot deliver expect it to come out.

She might just try and become a TV personality.

Artisan Marketing Communications

Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

I think your evidence is insurmountable. She has no clue.

But why does that matter? If someone can become famous in 12 weeks simply by asking to become famous why can't Katie become a "global branding consultant?"

I suspect selling her story to the media is just one strand to the bow.

Yes, she wants to be famous. As famous as possible and for as long as possible. After all we know the cult of the celeb don't we?


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