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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Have You Managed To Tie Your PR to Paris Hilton

Now this is a PR person's dream (isn't it Rob?).

A software company releases a new online game that relates to Paris Hilton and then gets their PR person to do a news release about it, complete with URL.

Do you think it's going to be on the news? You bet!

You can play the game here. Or get to put it on your blog or web site too!

Hint: If (when) the music gets too much press the loud speaker button on the large blue button below the game graphic.

Paris has to stamp vanity license plates as the guards watch her. Clinkerbell (her dog) trots along the belt as the plates pass to be stamped with 'PRTYGRL, ABUVLAW, DUI4ME, DRV2FST and the like. You move Paris between the different stamp-machines and need a good tiger finger to hit the plates just right. Too many bad plates or a squashed mutt and the lights go out and oh.oh...

The link to the game is here:

Paris Goes To Jail

Enjoy, share!

So this is a great example of viral publicity the company involved knew Paris Hilton was off to jail for a driving offence. She's in some segregated posh cells so don't feel too sorry for her.

The company wrote the game and then today as she toddles off to jail (she's there now) has released the game.

Do you think they'll get hits? You betcha! Nice one.


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