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Monday, June 18, 2007

Cannes Lions - Becoming A Recruiting Ground?

Advertiser of the Year Award (Cannes Lion)I wrote an article called "Do Your Adverts Sell?" in early September 2006 about the importance of direct advertising compared to branding advertising and how Cannes Lions are what Ad agencies chase rather than sales!

This year the Cannes Lion Award are 17th to 23rd June, so if you're not there now I suspect you already know you're not an award winner!

Suzanne Vranica, writing in the Wall Street Journal notes that Yahoo and Google are going to Cannes with hundreds of staff to pitch digital media as the medium to go for to the big, and not so big, Ad agencies.

At the same time the article notes there are executives going to recruit stars at Cannes to beef up their digital offerings.

Cannes Lions are probably the advertising equivalent of the Oscars. And like the Oscars generally they don't reflect how well an advert sells the product but how arty, or how much "impact" or how well designed an ad is.

Hopefully with the digital media's intense interest in analysis the Lions will begin to reflect the important ratio of (cost of Ad Campaign/Total Value of Sales-(Cost of Sales).

So good luck to Yahoo, Google and all the others sending out the digital advertising message and good luck to those agencies looking to recruit the young digital lions to their zoo.


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