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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is This Your Definition of an Entrepreneur?

Cortez - an entrepreneur?"My son is now an ‘entrepreneur.’ That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job." - Ted Turner.

Do you tell people you're an entrepreneur, or remember this one, intrepreneur?

You can't really call yourself an entrepreneur because it's a label other people attribute to those that have started and run companies. So until other people start calling you an entrepreneur you're simply working in your business, like every other employed person.

I'm not saying entrepreneurs make a success of their businesses. It's just that they (and their families) take what is perceived as, and usually is, a massive risk to go into business for themselves.

So someone who has a job and buys and sells on eBay may become an entrepreneur, but until their whole life is on the line and income from their business feeds the family they're not an entrepreneur.

When Cortez landed in South America and was massively outnumbered some of his men attempted to steal one of his ships to go back to Cuba. To ensure no mutiny could happen again, Cortez scuttled all but a small one of his ships, by claiming they were not seaworthy. That meant he and his men had no choice but to defeat the Aztecs or die trying. History shows who won that one - Cortez!

In the same way an entrepreneur thinks only of the business as he sets it up and gets it going.

So my definition of an entrepreneur is "someone who thinks of an idea for a business and with all the resources at their disposal focuses on making that business move forward, either to success or failure - either one is a learning experience for them."

What do you think?


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