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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sir Richard Branson And Kristina Grimes!

Right Kristina you've done The Apprentice how about persuading Sir Richard Branson to put on another series of  "The Rebel Billionaire" which you could go into and win!

But seriously, I'd be surprised if Richard Branson wasn't deciding whether to offer her a job. After all it's rare that you get to see a potential employee put through their paces so you can evaluate them at your leisure. And one that almost everyone had tipped to win.

Plus, and I'm sure this will appeal to him as the ultimate PR animal, if he asks Kristina to come and see him for a chat that's news!

The Apprentice

And as for Katie Hopkins...

Hopefully she's stopped talking about herself as a pantomime villain now and recognised that she's shot herself in the foot with the way she's behaved.  Sir Alan reckoned she was unemployable. I don't actually think that's the case. It depends on how she sorts herself out.

In Katie's case I'd say she's given the word articulate a bad name because she can talk smoothly about all manner of things - some of which she seems to think up and react to on the spur of the moment, rather like Simon Ambrose!

Anyway The Apprentice is pretty much over. I'll keep a weather eye on Simon and Tre (a good double act name), Kristina and possibly Katie and let you know anything I find that seems interesting.

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