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Friday, July 14, 2006

35 Tips For Marketing Your Blog

I've just read a nice article on blog marketing by Lee Odden. In his post he gives "25 tips for marketing your blog".

Including Lees and to make 35 tips in all I've added a further 10 wrinkles for blog marketing:

26. If you've never blogged before try it out first using one of the many FREE services such as Blogger or Wordpress before deciding to invest in a paid service

27. Always use an offline client (such as Elicit, there are others) to prepare your blog posting. It means you have control over your posting and you don't lose it if your blog site goes down, or you lose network connection

28. Spell check each post

29. When you've posted re-read it and don't be afraid to re-jig the post to make it read better

30. As always remember that the Internet has a long memory. Anything you say can be reviewed long after you wrote it. If you've something controversial to say write it in draft and review it the following day. If you're still happy with it post away.

31. Use interesting headlines and remember that some feed readers cut off the headline after so many characters

32. Always post assuming you're being read and don't assume you're not being read because you've no comments

33. Provide extra resources like links to files and books for your readers

34. A specific niche blog is going to attract a lot of that markets online readers

35. As with web sites content is king. With no good content your blog is spam and may get visited but nobody will link to it and you will get no subscribers to it

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