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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Would You Let An Ostrich Walk Down The Street Wearing One Of These?

The Ostrich in question is actually something I'm picturing in my mind. It's a lovely big black and white plumed bird with yellowy-orange gangly legs. It's swaggering slowly down one of the main roads near you scaring the wits out of the oncoming pedestrians. At the same time imagine it's got a placard round it's neck on which is scrawled the words "Keep Your Head Out Of The Sand!"

I can see you're wondering, "Is it a reminder to itself or an instruction to the rest of us?"

Did you see the ostrich in your mind's eye?Apart from the story being slightly unusal it's meant to get you involved and telling yourself a story. You fill in the gaps and make it a picture for yourself.

That's what a good copywriter does. They look at situations, your products, your services and come up with a creative way of getting through to their target audience. Often by telling a story and getting some emotion into it.

If you write your own advertising copy try and tell your story. Get your audience emotionally involved. But don't pinch my ostrich I may use him elsewhere.

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