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Friday, July 28, 2006

Famous Author's Free Book - Top Secrets Of Effective Advertising

You’re in Business and you know you need marketing. Marketing can be through your adverts in yellow pages, copy in newsprint and the media, web sites, sales letters, even business cards.

There’s an absolute classic book for anyone who aspires to write working copy for almost any purpose by the late master marketer Claude Hopkins called “Scientific Advertising”.

David Olgilvy said, “Nobody, at any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times".

I agree. That’s why I’ve put some investment into making an ebook version of Scientific Advertising available for you. The reason? You’ll understand more about what is good practise for advertising in all its forms and be able to choose the best value copywriter for your own work.

In it Claude Hopkins writes well, as you’d expect, and tells some home truths, like:

  • The only purpose of advertising is to make sales” (page 8) ... does your advertising agency talk to you about branding rather than sales?
  • Ads “...are written to please the seller. The interests of the buyer are forgotten” (page 11) ... do you think times have changed? They haven’t...
  • Human nature is perpetual. In most respects it is the same today as in the time of Caesar” (page 23) ... that means what Hopkins writes applies now as it did then. Does your agency think that way?
  • An ad-writer to have a chance of success, must gain full information on his subject” (page 41) ... does your agency ask you for all your previous ads, letters, yellow page and internet site details?
  • Direct response letters ,,,”you act on or the ones you keep have a headline which attracted your interest” (page 65) ... remember headlines are the only way people are attracted to read your ad, email, web site page or your letter

It contains over 70 pages of easy to read, grasp and apply material written by probably one of the top ad men of all time.

To get yourself a copy subscribe to my blog (either by email or using RSS - both on the right hand side of the blog).

Once you’ve received the ebook if you wish you can unsubscribe. If you’d prefer to read the book online Michel Fortin has put a copy of Scientific Advertising into HTML.

(Note to my existing subscribers: I won’t send you a copy unless you email me requesting one so you don’t suddenly receive something by email you weren’t expecting!)

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