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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ever Wonder If It Matters If Your Web Site Is Optimised?

Search engine optimisation with all it's black hat and white hat methods of tricking or attracting the search engine bots is not the most important thing to look at for your web site.

It's vital that your web site showcases your ability to deliver the services and/or products you offer.

A poorly designed web site that's badly laid out, has poor content or little to no focus loses in the credibility stakes when a buyer compares you with your competitor. The result is a buyer may check your web site and immediately discount you as a supplier. Even if they do ask you to quote they know your web site is not as good as your competitors so you're immediately in the second division.

That means you're only going to be able to get second division fees for your products and services.

You may even get pressured into lowering your fee rates and/or your client worries less about upsetting you with late payment. After all they reason if you don't like it there are plenty of others who can do provide your service.

Of course you know that your service is better than anyone else. The problem is relationships you build with prospects is all about perception. If their perception is that you're second divison and a commodity that's the way you'll get treated.

That perception may change once you've delivered a good service for them but you can bet it's going to be tough to get the premier league or even first division fees you know you need to invest and survive after you've gone in on second division fees.

Does that matter?

Realistically it does.

Every company needs to be paid what they need to survive and to make a reasonable profit to off-set the risk of being in business. Otherwise everyone would just want to work for someone else!

Look at it from a football viewpoint. If you're a premier side but you only get second division gate receipts you wouldn't be able to keep paying your superstar players and you'd soon drop into a lower league and eventually end up in the second division or lower.

That means it's important that every piece of marketing you do resonates with the division you're pitching yourself in.  It's ok to get second division fees if you are second division and there's nothign wrong with that.

Just make sure that one of the first contacts people have with you nowadays  (your web site) matches your aspirations.

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