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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Breakthrough Marketing

Breakthrough marketing is happening all the time all around you.

It's just that you don't see it.

You want to know why?

It's because you're interested in your particular business. You're concerned about getting leads and sales for yourself. What your competitors are doing may interest you for a short while but that interest usually dies quite quickly.

And often companies in the same market tend to approach the market in the same way. Because "it works...".

As far as they know.

Yet there might be a strategy used by another sector that would be the breakthrough for you. Unless you keep your marketing radar on and test and re-test different approaches you'll get the same sort of business veryone else does in your sector.

Using someone who's worked in different sectors, markets or countries can give you insights you can apply in yout business. That's part of the reason for using a coach, particulalry one that's been around a bit. The chances are they'll have worked in different areas than yours.

So breakthrough marketing is really commonsense but as I'm sure someone famous remarked, "common sense is commonly not applied sensibly". That's why an external viewpoint helps to apply the "common sense" to your business.


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