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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Apprentice UK: Predictions For The Interviews

Sir Alan Sugar has had his work cut out whittling the merry band of Apprentices down.

So next week he’s putting the remaining apprentices forward to be interviewed by 3 or 4 people he trusts.

We’ve seen the preview of this after this week’s episode. But I thought it would be fun to think about how people would come across in an interview and whether I would select them myself. Also bear in mind I’ve not seen their CVs - the BBC web site only gives a few words about each apprentice.

Ansell, ex Millwall footballer comes across as an all-round nice guy. He’s been able to sell and has usually managed keep his cool under fire. He would be my first choice to win at the moment.

Michelle was a freelance consultant of some sort. I’ve not been impressed with her ability at all. She hasn’t really sold much and she also doesn’t seem to manage a team well. Unless she can pull some amazing feat out of the bag - and no managing “global projects” doesn’t impress me BBC - I would fire her.

Paul - He has managed to do a reasonable job of keeping his nose clean and avoiding the flack. He does appear to get a little petulant and can also appear arrogant - as he acknowledges. I don’t think he’s done enough to keep unless he does a great interview. I’d fire him.

The Badger - Ruth is someone who has a very strong view of what needs doing. No matter what she says I don’t think she’s a team player. I’d still keep her though as I’d like to see her go up against Ansell or Paul. Looking at the way the BBC is editing the series Ruth usually comes out pretty well, so she may be the eventual winner - though not my choice.

So there we are a few thoughts ready for next week’s Apprentice. Enjoy!

What do we all do when it finishes?

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