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Monday, April 24, 2006

How You Can Improve Your Position In Google And Yahoo

Google and Yahoo pretty much dominate the search engine market. MSN and Ask are there too but to a much smaller extent.

It's been said before but I'll repeat it:

Content and Links are the important pointers for Search engines.

A lot has been said about keyword optimisation that really you can blast right out of the water.

I've seen a web site with a paragraph of dud content on the page the designer created to test the search engine. Within in a few days it was on the first page for the chosen keyword.

But the reason was that the designer had links back to the web site with the freshly designed page on from all the web sites he'd created.

All the links gave the designer's web site a very high page rank.

High page ranked links in, high value in a search.

So you need to get links in, preferably from a high rank site.

The way to do that is to write articles because as you publish each one you can link them back to your web site and/or blog.

Also make comments on blogs that relate to your own or your web site. That way you get known within your Internet community.

Plus again, the comments link back to your blog/web site.

Finally from a content point of view...

By all means optimise for your chosen keywords as you write your copy. But please make sure it isn't meaningless drivel and fluff.

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