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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do You Want 3 Free Business Building CDs Too?

People who are accosted in the street and offered free money refuse to take it. It's been proven in several studies.

Is it because we're afraid it's too good to be true or do we fear the obligation that may be attached to the offer?

Maybe it's a bit of both.

What caused me to remember that bit of psychological research?

I wrote a post in February this year on The Achiever's Edge a monthly CD programme that I've subscribed to and found very helpful and motivational for over 8 years.

Just recently Peter Thompson, the gentleman who created and runs The Achiever's Edge, offered to let anyone try out 3 months worth of Achiever's Edge absolutely free.

Yes, no cost, zilch, nothing, no pence!

Because I think any business, or career-minded, person benefits from this programme I email everyone I know and tell them all about the new offer.

What happens?

It's the proverbial giving away free money. So people shy away from it.

It's a huge shame because the interviews I've heard with famous business people have been worth the subscription alone. But to get 3 interviews (one per CD) free...

So you'll understand my puzzled expression when I find that only 2 out of 200 people I told about it grabbed this offer.

I know, I know it's because it's such an unbelievable offer there's got to be a catch. And of course there is...

Peter wants you to use his CDs and be so impressed with the content that you'll stay signed up to The Achiever's Edge.

You keep learning about how people perceive offers don't you?


saborcesar said...

Does this mean that I shouldn't give away free web-design in order to kick-start my business? Quick background: I recently quit my job to start my own web services firm, and I figure in order to start generating business, I would give away my services first... Is there a way to this that would encourage, rather than discourage people to go for it?

PS. How come only blogger users can comment? Aren't you limiting you audience like that? My up-to-date blog is at

Jim Symcox said...

Hi Cesar,

Thanks for your comments.

The only thing I would say is that you're not giving anything away for free.

What you're really doing is paying the price of creating a web site for them. So if you charge $300 for a bog-standard site and your client provides the copy you say "we pay the $300 first draft of your web site for you".

It is all about perceived value, as I'm sure you already know.

You're quite right about limiting the people who can comment. I did that to (hopefully) limit spam. But now Blogger has Word verification I've taken it off. Thanks for that point too.


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