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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The UK Apprentice - Was The Right Person Sacked?

Sir Alan Sugar really put the losing project maanger on the spot. What had she done wrong?

Let me number the ways:

  1. She'd given each team member job specs then not checked what they were coming up with
  2. She'd been trying on clothes which were not even part of her selling job
  3. She'd not stepped back and realised she didn't have the time luxury of helping a small number of people try clothes on in the name of VIP treatment
  4. She'd not checked the ideas the poor sap she'd given marketing to came up with
  5. She kept away from the main sales area - she didn't have a clue they were underselling their opposing team

And yet she wasn't fired.

Then on the other hand the person who was sacked had no clue how to market, for example:

  1. He tried to get anyone passing to take a free bottle of water, even though they were unlikely to come back in their time frame - that day!
  2. He forgot their target market was teens and was trying to give away stuff to anyone
  3. He'd organised a masseur but hadn't put her in a good place and didn't use her to full effect
  4. He'd printed off some flyers which promised something free if people bought several items of clothing - he should have been handing those out to people as they came into the shop!

So in the end Sir Alan was right. You can get by with a rubbish manager as long as your marketing and sales hang together and work well.

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