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Monday, April 10, 2006

Podcasts With Adverts Who Wants Them?

Podcasts are starting to take-off with the big boys.

The BBC dipped its toe in the water months ago. They’ve released content from current shows, summaries (Chris Evans’ show) and even “made for podcasting” content.

NBC is looking at it.

The reason?

They can see that advertising in podcasts and particularly video podcasting is going to be replacing, or at least supplementing, the advertising on the conventional TV channels.

I’d like to think the executives realise that podcasts are actually highly targeted and self-selected.

That is the people who watch or listen to podcasts have sought out and downloaded the content. They have a very specific interest in what the podcast is delivering.

That means that highly targeted advertising is going to interest them too.

Which means that the advertiser’s Ultimate Aim - “A Hot Target Market” - can be reached easily using podcast advertising.

Now do you think that the people who are downloading a particular podcast mind highly targeted advertising?

No. Because it relates to the interest they’ve already shown.

Expect to see heavy weights coming into the podcasting arena. All the major media companies, TV and Film are going to need to get involved. Otherwise they’ll lose the market to their competition.

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