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Monday, April 10, 2006

in 69% of Businesses Business cards Aren't Advertising Your Wares

I posted previously about how business cards are the one thing that leaves your prospect with a lasting impression.

After all they’re a small - roughly business card sized - advert for you and your company.

Notice I included you in that last statement. The business card is not simply about your company it also helps the receiver decide whether they’re interested in doing business with you.

If your business card doesn’t match your well-cut suit, your polished shoes and polished sales patter you’ll be incongruent.

Guess what? People don’t like incongruent. We don’t trust it do we?

Worse it’s actually a decision our prospects take subconciously.

So it’s important that out business cards really reflect us and vice versa.

Moving onto the analysis I’vè been doing on a sample business cards I’ve collected over the last 18 months.

I looked at 425 cards. Which I think is a fair sample to assess how the cards are being used as adverts.

The final analysis results are as follows:

No customer benefits indicated ................ initial 95%, Final 85%

No explanation of the business provided... initial 75%, Final 69%

The back of the card isn’t used ................ initial 51%, Final 55%

The persons role is not given .................... initial 39%, Final 27%

Flimsy board used for cards ..................... initial 25%, Final 25%

No name on the card ............................... initial 3%, Final 4%

Now as you can see 85% of business cards leave people in doubt as to the benefits that the card’s owner can provide. And 69% of cards leave people without a clue as to what the business itself is. Not really much use if they’ve put the cards away and have got them out to see whether someone can help them with an issue they’ve got.

How are they meant to remember everyone they’ve talked to?

Whoosh... That’s a lost sale!

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