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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Do You Know These 12 Recommendations For A Good Business Blog?

I noted that Bob Sutor (Vice President of Standards and Open Source for the IBM Corporation) was a good example of a business blogger. Having rechecked Bob’s IBM site I note that he also likes Bob Dylan. A definite plus on the great blogger score card. Bob is was in reflective mood as he’s putting together his own blogs (based on all he’s been doing) to separate the personal from the business.

In that mood of reflection Bob looked back at over 20 months of corporate blogging and produced a dozen recommendations for the corporate blogger. I’ve summarised what Bob said below, for more interesting details check his blog:

Recommendations For Company Blogging

    1. Decide if you want comments on your blog

    2. Write like a real person sounds when they talk

    3. Don’t write marketing copy - that is don’t write ads

    4. Similarly don’t write press releases through your blog

    5. Allow some glimpses from your personal life to shine through

    6. If you’re angry, wait before posting an entry

    7. Talk about competitors with care and

    8. Say only positive things about customer and partners

    9. Link to other peoples writing

    10. No politics

    11. Do go back and correct facts, typos, spelling and grammar

    12. Do write your own blog, don’t pass off ghost written posts as your own

With Bob’s indulgence I’d like to add a few more recommendations to his list:

Further Company Blog Recommendations

  • Timescale - decide how long you’re intending to blog for. Then pace yourself. If you’re only blogging for two weeks (Like Wells Fargo are doing to commerate the San Franscisco Earthquake and Fire) push all out to have lots of content from day one with more added over the period. If you’re in it for the long haul decide how much time you can realistically allow for posting to your blog.

  • Write clearly and without jargon - so that your one and only reader the poor blog browser has a chance of reading and enjoying what you’re writing.

  • Frequency - If you intend blogging 12 times a day I think you’ll be the only one reading. And if you only blog once per month you’ll probably have the same problem. You need to strike a happy medium. I usually post to this blog 4-5 times per week. It suits me but it does depend on whether you’vè a lot to say or if you’re struggling for inspiration.

  • Authority - make sure you’ve been given the go ahead by your company if you’re blogging about what you and they do. Also be aware that postings stay on the Internet for “all time” so if you say something controversial it may be picked up by a prospective employer who’s not of the same opinion and that could affect your employability!

If you don’t already have a corporate blog Bob’s list should help you decide whether to create one.

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