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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bob Parsons And Continuous Improvements

Bob Parsons, CEO of, has blogged about the importance of getting together with your employees and seeking improvements to your business.

Having previously come from a manufacturing background and been heavily involved with the Edwards Deming quality approach I’m a very firm believer in continuous improvement.

The only point I’d make is that certainly in the UK there appears to be a belief amongst managers that ideas should come from them. That means that suggestions put forward via the suggestion box, or through improvement meetings can get squelched.

My point?

You need to make sure your culture changes to one that puts all ideas on an equal footing from whoever they come from.

Marketing benefits from exactly this viewpoint.

Look at an advert you run today. It may be making a loss for you now.

Brainstorm some improvements. Hint: The headline is probably the most important thing to look at in the case of an existing advert.

Then try it out.

I’ve just been talking about yellow page adverts for a company. They already have lots of yellow pages ads spread around several areas.

Their initial headline was not helping people to choose them.

They use classified advertising too. I suggested they brainstorm some improved headlines and run them in the classified ads to see which ones pull best. Then use that one in their yellow page ads.

Often a problem is seen as a huge mountain. Where do you start? Yet if you chip away at it eventually it becomes a molehill!

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