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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Top 10 tips for business growth

Easter, Christmas, in fact any major holiday seems to bring a flurry of activity from the full and part-time marketers who're trying to wring every last cent from their email list.

They all promise that their latest offering will put the world to rights and make the person reading a fortune so that they too can put their feet up and let the Internet marketing machine pour cash into their bank account.

So in the interests of helping without selling anything myself here is a list of my top 10 tips for business growth, in no particular order:

  1. Training - no business can get to the next level without training, coaching and/or mentoring. You just don't know what you don't know is stopping you short.
  2. Service - You must deliver an excellent product and service that you backup when things go wrong.
  3. Time Management - essential to enable everyone in the company to pull together and make the most of their working day
  4. Sales Tools - even the greatest sales people need sales tools. Tools like presentations, testimonials, well-written brochures, Frequently Asked Questions, Business Cards
  5. Customer Training - and/or Trade shows are essential to educate your customer as to your abilities. And to help your customer use your service or product.
  6. Risk Management - Growing means taking some calculated risks. And making sure that you plan the answers to risk scenarios.
  7. Sales Staff -you must recruit, retain and train the best sales staff. If that's just you, train yourself. Learn from everyone you can, including your customers.
  8. The 7 Musts Of Marketing - apply intelligent, multi-layered marketing to everything you do. Your brochure should support your web site. Your Web site supports your direct mail. Your direct mail supports your sales staff. Your PR supports your direct mail and so on and on.
  9. Work On The Business - set aside at least an hour a week to work on your business. Ideally Monday. Everyone in the company should be involved. The aim to make an improvement in the 12 Power Strands that hold your business in place and sustain growth.
  10. Yourself - realise that you maybe the owner, CEO or director but you are not the only one with answers to better ways to run your business. Be aware of your limitations and be aware of your strengths and play to them. Recruit others who can fill the holes left by your weaknesses.

That's my top 10.

Some of them do require a little more explanation but I suspect that if you've been following this blog you'll understand exactly the points I'm making.

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