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Monday, October 02, 2006

Are You sure Your Brochure Helps Your Sales?

If you know that it converts every prospect that gets it that's wonderful and you can stop reading now.

On the other hand if you'd like to think a little deeper about how a brochure works to best effect read on...

A Strategic Tool?

When people start up in business they are encouraged to get business cards, headed stationery and some form of brochure.

Just getting one made up without even considering how it may be useful, or not, for you strikes me as a little crazy.

Instead think and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my target market read brochures at all?
    • If my target market  doesn't read brochures now what is it that my brochure can offer that encourages them to read it?
    • If they do read brochures what must I do to make my brochure stand out from all the others they read?
  • What is the aim of my brochure?
    • Is it to sell straight from the pages?
    • Is it to generate leads?
    • Is it to educate so that the salesman can close a sale?
  • How often does the content need to change?
  • Could I do the same job with a web page, Powerpoint show, a blog or a PDF brochure?
  • How does your brochure link in strategically with your whole marketing and sales cycle?

The above questions exclude things like:

  • Your USP
  • Format - loose leaf, bound, A4, A5
  • Content - copy and images, white papers, spec sheets
  • Distribution - web, salesperson, conferences

Recognise that some answers change as time goes on, so be prepared to re-examine your brochure strategy at intervals.

When you've answered these questions a good copywriter can create a brochure that puts your company's best foot forward and fulfills the aims you've set for it. Plus you're going to be able to measure your brochures success more effectively.

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