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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Best Company Blog Writing

CK (also sometime known as Christina Kerley) posted  ways a company can improve their blogs.

In a nutshell she says,

  • Just be yourself
  • Share with others
  • Play fair, too
  • Want friends? Then be one
  • Say you're sorry
  • Keep promises

I totally agree with her that company blogs or corporate blogs should be written honestly.

The major difference I have is that I believe a good third party blogger can write also write a truthful open blog for a company.

Without scattering their issues and secrets to the winds. Or even making them sound different to their company ethos. 

After all how many companies have the time or people with the writing ability to post regularly to their blog?

If they don't have in-house time or ability how can they ever start or run a blog?


So what safeguards, or rules should be in place to ensure that everything works smoothly with third party blogging? I suggest these:

  • The blog and postings are owned by the company
  • The blogger works to documented and agreed objectives
  • The blogger commits to regular posting
  • The company responds quickly to requests for information
  • The company provides regular information to the blogger
  • The blogger and the company should agree to a schedule to post comments to related blogs
  • The company appoints someone to represent them to amend postings if required
  • Whenever the blogger is asked to blog specifically about something it should be made clear in the blog

I realise this sounds as though it's too buttoned-up for blogging. In fact it works in practise and these types of blog appear no different to "normal" company blogs. 

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