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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Coolest Guy On The Planet Earth

"The coolest guy on the planet" phrase is a sort of competition between search engine optimisation gurus.

It's a bit of a laugh that (I think) Brad Fallon started. He certainly has the first position on a Google search for the phrase.

What they've done is placed links and references to the coolest guy on the planet in their articles, blogs, web sites and even their testimonials for other people!

I'm always game for a laugh so I joined in and posted The Coolest Guy On The Planet and also briefly mentioned it at another Marketing For Power Packed Business Growth post about blog rankings.

A few days after I posted the first time about "the coolest guy on the planet" I wasn't even in the search listings.

Now I'm 99th out of 1,170,000 search results.

My point?

It's great to rise in the rankings for such a competitive phrase, and believe me it's competitive! What it teaches though is that a blog has a lot of power to fuel your rise to the top of the Google search results.

If you're in  a business that you want to succeed on the Internet you need to be blogging.  If you really feel you can't write or don't have the time employ someone to create posts for you. And if you need to edit them to make them your own.  After all you must stand by what you say in your blog. 

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