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Monday, October 30, 2006

SEO From The Coolest Guy On The Planet

Ok I'm not sure if I'm quite that cool just yet.

However, my Search Engine Optimisation blog is going nicely.

I've just added another post giving a few more tips on improving a web site's rankings in the search engine positions.

Obviously SEO copywriting is a sub-set of marketing.

The trouble is as we specialise and go into finer and finer detail it's easy to lose the plot and think SEO is the main reason for doing SEO!

As I never tire of telling my clients SEO is one pillar of the Internet marketing temple.

There are so many others.

Fail to use them and you're placing too much importance on one marketing tactic.

After all how do you know  that one day Google may pull the rug from under it with a completely new method of deciding popularity - like using human-based reviewing even more?

The post I've added to my SEO Blog notes that although you should concentrate on 20% of the things that payback big in for SEO you should also do the other 80% that incrementally build your ranking.

The same thinking applies to your marketing strategy. That is

Consider every tactic that applies to your company and web site. Decide what tactics give the most/best payback. Focus on them but keep the others going too.

 Update: I just checked my position regarding whether I am the coolest guy on the planet and I've gone from 99th to 26th since 24th October 2006. So I'm getting there...

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