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Monday, October 09, 2006

Make Your Site Sell For Free

When we were all struggling to work out the best ways to create and market web sites back in the 90's Ken Evoy stuck his head up above the parapet and waved "Make Your Site Sell", the ebook that told you how to create your web site and get traffic to it.

I immediately bought it, applied my own marketing angles and never looked back.

Ken updated it in 2002 and now I'm amazed to discover that he's offering it as a free download over at his Make Your Site Sell web site. 

The reason it's free is that since 2002 new web marketing and traffic advances have been incorporated to create a more advanced product called Site Build It. 

This is still a useful product and I'm sure almost anyone will benefit from it.

I've downloaded the updated book myself and I'm looking forward to really digging into it.

To be honest I'm, not expecting to find a lot of new stuff.

No I don't know everything!

It's because I had the original Make Your Site Sell and I'm also up to speed daily on most Internet marketing techniques.

If I find one new wrinkle that improves traffic and preferably conversion it's time well spent.  

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